Ion Detox Foot Spa


What We Offer

Using the professional level 'Enhanced Living Advanced Ion Therapeutics' model -  a very high quality spa designed and made here in Southern California:

30 minute foot spa - just relax and enjoy the session (with ear reflexology if you wish)

60 minute session combining the foot spa with foot reflexology - adding the benefits of reflexology makes this option even more effective and relaxing than using the spa alone. Of course, I would also be happy to organize a foot spa followed by a full hour of reflexology if you prefer.

How the Foot Spa Works

As the color and color density of the water varies between people (and even their individual sessions) it seems likely that some toxins are removed during the session itself. However, the aim of the spa is to work at a much deeper level - boosting  the negative ions, restoring balance in the body and allowing toxins to be released at a cellular level.  

Effects of the Foot Spa

Practitioners and clients report an increasing range of benefits to be gained from regular use of a quality ion foot spa – some from the very first session and many more from a series of sessions. Benefits range from a ‘general feeling of wellness’, ‘having more energy’ or ‘better skin tone and texture’ to relief from a wide range of specific health issues. It seems particularly helpful in pain reduction, inflammatory conditions and any issues around toxicity. As with all therapies results vary with each client and I would recommend trying a couple of sessions (ideally with 2-4 days between each session) to see how the foot spa can help you. If possible, try them in combination with foot reflexology. 

Pricing and Packages

1st session includes initial consultation

Single Sessions

$45 per 30 minute session

Series of 6 Sessions

$240 for 6 x 30 min sessions

(paid after 1st session of the series)

Foot Spa & Reflexology

$65 for one hour

Please call (951) 781-4601 to make an appointment